My Story

Painful Memories Motivated Me To Create Change…

I was never the nicest or most intelligent of kids growing up. I was a ‘little sh$t’ as some people used to call me. I battled my own demons throughout my teenage years from excessive alcohol consumption to more than just social drug taking. I found myself at a stage of my life where everything I was doing was wrong. I had LOTS of jobs that quickly turned into failures, and my life just seemed as if it was not destined for anything more than drink, drugs, job-hopping and partying (mainly to escape my own realities of life).

Forget all of the other ‘My Story’ and ‘About Me’ pages you may have read previous to mine. I am here to hold nothing back about the story of my life – some details of which will not be positive, happy or even polite. I am not going to say what an awesome person I am and tell you about all of the fantastic achievements I have made in my life: you will only read and learn the truth from this point onwards.

There have been some ups and downs in my life, which have helped me to become the person I am today. My main objective here is to explain to you who I really am, to offer my whole story from birth to this current time of writing (xx/xx/2016), and to provide an indication of where I have come from and where I am going. I hope you enjoy.

12th August 1991 – Christopher Jones is born

I’m here and ready to take on the world, all 8.4lbs of me. I was born in Withybush Hospital in Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire in Wales. My father was a farmer and my mother was a district nurse – they both worked extremely hard to put food on our plates and a roof over our heads. Two years prior to my birth, my older brother Nick was brought into the world. We grew up together with big fat smiles on our faces all of the time, we had bright blonde hair and both got very upset if we did not have any crisps in the house. Years later I was to earn myself a nickname as Muncher – for obvious reasons really, I absolutely loved my food!

1995 – My first year in primary school (YUK)

I was four years old at this point and starting to adapt to life pretty nicely, until my mother soon told me that I had to attend this boring thing called ‘school’ five days per week! Of course, I threw a rather intense temper tantrum (and cried a tear or two) for a good part of six minutes before calming down and snacking on some good old crisps for comfort.

As I have been gathering information for this blog over the last few weeks, I have asked my mother a number of questions about my childhood. One the questions I asked was: “Mum, honestly now… How naughty was I when I was growing up?” The response of my mother shaking her head with eyes that could have cut steel was enough for me to find my answer. Sorry, Mum and Dad!

2002 – My first year in secondary school (you’ve been warned)

My secondary school experience ranged from a number of different things. I started out like every other kid at school: I kept my head down and tried my best. For the first few years, that was. When I reached the age of around fifteen years old everything seemed to be such a big joke to me. I began not caring for anybody else but myself; I would steal clothes and food from local shops; I would drink on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday nights with my friends without fail. Trust me, this was no fault of my parents’ whatsoever. I was just that kid that couldn’t be told. If I got grounded I always found a way to get out and do what I wanted. I was a ‘little sh$t’ as most described me as, and for good reason.

I really went down the wrong path for many years which included heavy alcohol consumption and moderate drugs to begin with, which led to heavier substance use months later. It seemed my life at that point only had one direction, and that was towards a downward spiral. This long and lonely road which felt fantastic at the time lasted for around four years in total. That is a lot of wasted time and a lot of money spent. I can only look back and say in total confidence that that part of my life is well and truly over.

2005 – My dad builds the business of his dreams

I was fourteen years in to the lavish lifestyle of ‘Me’ at this stage. This year marked a pretty spectacular moment for my dad, with the founding of his first ever business. The Croft Farm & Country Cottages were born, the project my dad had taken on to build the empire that he had always dreamed of was fast becoming a reality. Good on him. This had always sparked an interest in me even when my main focus was going out and drinking myself into oblivion. The business world was always catching my eye, which leads me to think I have my dad to thank for the current life I live now.

I watched the whole project grow from nothing but dirt and dust to one of the most impressive guesthouses and cottages I had ever seen. A tremendous achievement to my father, Stephen Jones, for creating something so great just from a simple vision that he’d had years before.

2007 – GCSE Results (Exams time)

This is the year I finished secondary school. You can imagine how happy I was to see this day arrive!

I am not going to bore you here with the details of this, please see below my GCSE results for my exams in 2007:

English Literature: C
English Language: D
Business Studies: C
Physical Education: C
Welsh: C
Art: D
Internet Technology: E
Maths: E
Science: E

Are you surprised? No, me neither.

2008 – Total job meltdowns

You know when people say, “This year is mine!” or “This is going to be my year!”. Yeah, well, I can safely tell you that 2008 was not one of them for me.

As this was the year I passed my driving test, I subsequently thought the world was my oyster and I was more free than ever to do what I wanted…

I first decided to enrol in a local college (Pembrokeshire College in Haverfordwest, Wales) to enrol upon on a three year plumbing course that seemed like it could have led to a full time career for me later down the line. However this soon ended only six months after I began due to boredom and eventually getting kicked out of college due to missing lots of lectures and drinking underage on campus. Not a good start as you can imagine, which really did lead to putting my parents in a difficult situation. I am sure they were beginning to think that I was one of those nightmare children that you only hear of on TV shows or something.

The list of jobs I can remember go like this:

  1. Painter & decorator for a local firm
  2. Warehouse worker at Princes Gate Water 
  3. Washing dishes for a local cafe 
  4. Mowing local residents’ lawns with my dad’s lawn mower
  5. Delivery driver for the Yellow Pages (local drop offs)

These were five of many jobs that I thought I could do well, how wrong was I.

2009 – I start working as an ice cream man

To say I didn’t apply for this job purely based on the amazing Mr.Whippy ice creams they served, would be telling porkies. I travelled around different places in Pembrokeshire & Carmarthenshire (Wales, UK) serving ice creams to lots of people: in festivals, on beaches or on in a carpark. The job was awesome and I loved it! The main reason I worked during this time however was still only to fund my bad habits of drink and drugs on the weekend.

At this time, I was learning more and more about life and in hindsight I believe I started to think a little bigger in terms of what I could potentially be doing in the near future. I had a discussion with my parents about this whole thinking stage I was going through – thankfully they were greatly supportive and were ready to help me in any way possible.

Bring on the next year..

2010 – Started working at an oil refinery 

MURCO Oil Refinery – CCNSG Passport Health & Safety Certificate

This was a real test for me, as all employees of contractors working at the oil refinery (Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire in Wales) had to agree to spot checks throughout their entire time working on site i.e. mandatory alcohol and drug tests. I was working as a scaffolder and it was a seriously manually intensive job, as some of you may know. I was working 12 hours per day, 5 days per week. I literally woke up and went to work, got home to eat, then went straight to bed. I repeated this process for 6 months straight until the firm I worked with went to a different site which was too far for me to travel to.

This experience definitely woke me up to all of the struggles that life can throw at you. If anybody was wondering, I stayed 100% clear of any sort of alcohol and drugs for the entire duration of my employment down at the oil refinery. This was something that I was very proud of and I felt validated that I didn’t actually need them at all.

After this job, I dabbled in and out of a few other jobs before making a big decision of really doing something with my life. I focused on saving up money for the goal that I had in mind for one year down the line. 

2012 – I am officially a Advanced Level 3 Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach

I moved to Cardiff, Wales to begin my career as a fully qualified Personal Trainer. The sense of accomplishment I felt after I passed my Level 3 and received my Diploma in Advanced Personal Training was surreal. The fact that I actually achieved something in my life that wasn’t ‘How to drink a pint of beer in under 6 seconds’ felt truly amazing.

I went on to build up quite a good name for myself within the personal training community, working with over 100 clients and helping many more achieve their health and fitness goals. I began training myself for overall aesthetics and general health, and I can officially say that I was hooked – in a good way. I had finally found my path, something I had such a passion for that I knew it wasn’t going to be like the other jobs.

I worked in Cardiff at Pure Gym for a few years working with some great clients who achieved some fantastic results. That feeling when you help somebody else achieve something in their life cannot be beaten in my opinion.

Please bare in mind that I was only earning £1,200 per month after tax in 2014 when living in Bristol, which at the time seemed a nice pay cheque. The rent of our one bedroom apartment in Clifton was £675 and our bills were £400 per month. As you can work out, this didn’t leave much money spare for the both of us to enjoy any of the finer things in life. This is where the decision to move home mainly came from.

Please Note: This is not a good wage for someone who has had the nickname ‘Muncher’ for the last 20+ years.

Later 2014 – My actual nightmare

I would like to start this post by quoting the great Winston Churchill; “If you are going through hell, keep going.”
Yes, this is me in the toilets of a clinical trial facility a few years ago..
Back in 2014, I took part in a 16 night clinical trial in London that helped me to put food on my plate, fuel in my car and keep a roof over my head for another 2 months..
Unfortunately, I am drawn to a contract that restricts me to say what company I took the trial through. But it was a very popular one based in London, and it was a fucking horrendous experience to say the least.
So, here’s what went down..
I was working at the time as a personal trainer in Bristol, my girlfriend at the back then and I shared a rather expensive apartment in Clifton, which was one of the nicest areas of Bristol. This was silly really as I know looking back we tried to chew off too much rent than we could actually afford, a lot more.
I was working many hours inside the gym, almost 7 days per week for more than 12 hours per day most days. For all of my fellow PT’s out there, you know how tough these days can be. On your feet all day, shifting iron across the weights pit and trying to maintain nothing short of positive vibes on an hourly basis while training your paying clients. Respect to each and every one of you.
I was earning very little in comparison to the hours I was putting in at the gym, which is the main reason for me struggling so much one month that I had to take action and go down a road that the majority of people in this world would find truly terrifying. Yeah, you and me both.
One month I became ill and went on sick for a week or so, and as you know, when this happens, you do not get paid from your clients.. Bad move BUT very relevant at the time as I was ill from food poisoning. Good ol’ chicken eh!?
I worked out my earnings one month and knew that rent was upon me in less than a month, I was out of pocked by a very large amount and found myself stuck in a financial rut with my hands on my heads not knowing what to tell my girlfriend Holly at the time, or anybody else for that matter.
The situation was fucked, pardon my language.
I instantly started hitting the laptop in search for things I could do for money, some clean and in line with the law, some not so much. But in situations like this, you are almost pressured by yourself to take action and do what you can to get by.
After a few hours on the search hustle, my mindset changed from doing doing anything illegal to a more sensible (ish) route..
I stumbled across a shine of light on my laptop that spelled out “Clinical Trials London.”
Of course, at the time I was absolutely clueless about this subject, and the overall information regarding. But me being me, I dived straight in, and head first at that.
If I wasn’t to do this, I would of had to quit my personal training job and move home pretty much right away. This would of left me in this $hizz but also would upset Holly and her studies at Bristol University, which I would of never ever wanted to do.
This may seem like i’m being a little over dramatic here. But seriously, this was a do or die kind of moment for me.
I applied for the clinical trial there and then. I was accepted for a screening up in London scheduled for 3 days later, I passed the screening examination which consisted of bodyweight, BMI, height, allergy and blood tests.
6 days after returning home, my time to leave for the actual clinical trial had arrived. I had to take a taxi from my apartment in Clifton at 4am, down to Bristol city centre where the Megabus would be awaiting mine (and other peoples) arrival to travel up to London, leaving at 4:30am.
Just to give you all an idea of how I was feeling at this time, it was like no other. It felt like I was a puppy being dragged away from his owners, his toys, his home and everything that fell into the joy which was it’s life.
Not that I want to type this and let everybody know, but my honesty and transparency that I have promised everyone is only right I do..
I am actually sitting in tears right now while writing this whole thing out as it makes me look back to where I was in comparison to where I am now. Now I know that dreams are true and even the toughest and most challenging time within ones life can be turned around into progressions of something magical. Even though it might not ever seem like that at the time. For that, I am truly grateful, blessed some might say.
I felt like me even doing this wouldn’t even be able to solve my problems, I felt like leaving it all behind even before stepping foot on that bus and burying my head in the fucking dirt, to escape the reality of what I was about to go through.
The clinical trial company notified me what was going to happen during the 16 nights while I was there l in the screening process, and it was the scariest 15 minute conversation I have EVER had to listen, respond and go through in my entire life.
Even sitting here writing this post is making me quiver, hitting that anxious hammer that feels like it is beating down so damn heavily on my chest. Looking back, I was brave, real fucking brave.
As I turned up to the trial 5 hours after stepping onto the bus that morning there were 15 others (16 including myself) attending the same trial as me, which was a trial testing for Asthma, lung, and overall respiratory disorders.
As you can imagine, I was absolutely $hitting myself at this point, as this was it, it was all real and was no going back (unless I wanted to drop out and not get paid at all that is!)

The trial continues

Here is a daily breakdown of what happened from Day 1 – Day 16:
1. Nothing, we (the trial participants) nervously introduced ourself to one another and that was the end of that
FYI: I cried myself to sleep for the first 3 nights of being in the trial centre. I haven’t told anybody this before but FCUK it. I was missing my home all of the comforts life brings you. It was the worst and most overwhelming 3 nights sleep I have ever experienced in my whole life.
I must of lost a $hizz load of water weight by crying so much mind.. RESULT!
2. I had bloods taken twice and my bodyweight checked twice.
Actually, this is going to take all night. Plus, all of it seems a bit of a daze in regards to what I did everyday at the trial centre if I can be completely honest with you.
BUT, what I can recall very clearly was this one evening..
I was around 7 days into the trial and this is where the tests started to worsen. By this time, 9 out of the initial 16 participants for the trial had left as they couldn’t hack it anymore. Trust me, I would be lying If I was to tell you I wasn’t thinking of doing the same. But I stayed as I knew this is what I had to do at the time to survive, to do what ever it takes and all of that stuff you hear so mant people go on about. Which if they are straight talkers, I can relate and fully respect.
I knew this evening was coming up where we all had to have multiple injections through the course of the night (between 1am – 5am) without knowing what time these periods were actually going to be.
Of course, this was the time I was sleeping. Around 3am that night, I was woken up by a strange feeling of coldness going through my veins (quite literally) as a woman stood over my bed injecting me with what I could only describe as ice liquid, and it was fucking freezing. At the time, I was so out of it in terms of sleepiness, I didn’t have time to bat and eye lid before I went back into heavy sleep mode.
Just put this into perspective, I was woken another 4 times (5 in total) during the course of that night with exactly the same thing happening. Except, I noticed a total of 3 different nurses doing this to me throughout these periods, it was absolutely horrific.
Anyway, another 4 days past and another 4 participants had left the trial. This left 5 of us (including myself) to finish the remainder of the trial, which had 5 nights left at this time I believe.
FYI: These people would not have got paid the money by dropping out. The money each participant who actually finished the trial received £2,750 for the 16 nights completion.
The contact we agreed on had this in writing, and made sure this was the case if people wanted to get paid. The only option was to complete the full trail and get paid, or to drop out at anytime before the trial ended on that 17th morning and not get paid.
For the travel up and back, I got paid £150 extra.
The 17th day approached, and I finished the trial alongside 3 others. A few more dropped out in the last few days, I could see some were crying out for the outdoors at that stage.
Bare in mind, we were all locked in a facility with no contact, no outdoors, no fresh air or any sort of contact to the outside world for the duration. A major challenge to say the least.
I remember finishing the trial, receiving my cheque for £2,750 and walking outside the facilities main doors. I took a big sigh of relief and a big gulp of fresh air, before walking to the nearest Natwest bank to cash in my survival funds.
I remember thinking about the whole world, my world and others during the trip back to Bristol that morning in great detail. Thinking what the heck did I just do? What did I just go through?
But something hit me that made sense of all of this apparent craziness. I had actually helped myself to survive, as far fetched as it may sound, it’s true. I had passed through all mental barriers to come out smiling on the other side, I had survived and now could continue to live in my apartment in Bristol, put food on my plate and survive for another few months. I had achieved that. Granted, not from the best or most trusted source of means but I did it.
Of course, I would not even think of doing OR advise someone of doing this unless they were in a very VERY bad place financially in their lives, with no means or no other way out.
It taught me a valuable lesson that anything is possible, and the key to surviving and progressing in this life is to step well and truly away from your comfort zone.
*As you can see from the photo below/ This was a online forum I was in when going through the clinical trial for the company I did it with. As you can see, the company and their facility is now closed due to a trial going wrong, only 4 months ago. For me or anybody else to say these sort of things are safe and secure, think the fuck again. This company is now unreachable and you cannot even find it on the internet, no telephone number or anything else. I have tried just to find out more about what went wrong, and I have come out with nothing.
 I guess I got in and got out just at the right time. Fingers crossed anyway as you can never be sure of what these trials give you, and the short and long term effects of what trial you took part in.
All that I can say is, I am now in THE HAPPIEST stage of my life and am willing to do anything that I can in my power to help others not to go through the same thing that I did.
So there it is homies, another piece of the mystery puzzle which is my life.
I would like to also end this post by the same way as I began it by quoting the great Winston Churchill; “If you are going through hell, keep going.”

My ongoing thoughts

I was having many thoughts on doing something for myself months before quitting my job at David Lloyds. I remember searching online for ‘How do I make money while I sleep?’ and ‘How can I generate passive income?’. This was a sure sign that I wanted greater things for my life, and the next year may come as a surprise to you…

May 2015 – My very first company was born

The month and year I founded my first ever company. I made sure I was not moving back home with no ideas, I had been researching various methods to ‘make money online’ prior to moving home as I said before. I decided to go all in on the Amazon FBA (Fulfilment By Amazon) model. I had been reading and watching endless videos on business, selling on Amazon, passive income and much more prior to the set up of my new business.

As I was already considering setting this up in Bristol but having financial restraints, would of struggled to get this going on my own. I decided to seek an investor and long term business partner, luckily enough I came across someone in the gym (David Lloyds) that really wanted to know more about this exciting business model I proposed.

The initial money needed to start up this business was around £4,000 for anybody wondering.

Anyway, 10 weeks later our company was formed and we had our first product ready to sell on Amazon UK. This was a truly momentous moment for both Joe (My business partner at the time) and I.

January 2016 – My sub company was born

A new trading name of my first initial company came into the world.

My major passions in life are helping people, this is what sparked an interest in how I could that passion into a physical product business on Amazon FBA.

With all systems set in which I learnt over the year, we implemented them with perfect precision and the rest is history. We primarily sell on Amazon UK with expansion meeting’s taking place to soon target the Amazon USA market, excited is a true understatement.

Our highest month to date is just over £50,000 (please note, this is sale, not profits,) this amount in previous jobs would of taken me over 3 years to earn. This is not our usual monthly takings, sales and revenue can move up and down depending on the day, week and month.

Please Note: This is not easy to do, I have been learning many things since starting my own business. I have made many mistakes during that time and have cost the business well over £20,000. These mistakes can either make you or break you, failure for me is not an option we thankfully we are back on track and fully in control of our companies future.

We now make regular daily sales of between £700-£1,000 per day, the profit margins on our products range from 30%-42% per sale made.

May 2016 – ZonLife Success was born

At the age of 24 years old, many years on from my naughty ways. I have now created and built up over two successful businesses which generate almost £1000 per day in sales. One forever growing blog ( which is reaching 50 unique visitors and 100+ total views on a daily basis and my very own YouTube channel (ZonLife Success) which has clocked up nearly 15,000 views since starting just 8 weeks ago. I have also worked with a number of online clients who I have helped to build up their businesses to generate over £10,000 per month in sales within the first 3-6 months of launch.

This is called ‘The ZERO To £10,000’ project, where my client and I start from nothing but an idea and take action to develop it into something real. To then go and achieve financial freedom for my client as soon as possible, usually in the first 6-months this goal is achieved. This all happens on either Amazon UK or USA, depending on the initial investment involved. As Amazon USA is much tougher to tackle that the UK, I advice my coaching clients to get a feel of the business model in the UK before expanding to the USA market. Unless initial investment numbers are high, then we would go full throttle on setting up shop in Amazon USA.

The above photo is of mike from Healthy Bee. The success that Mike has created for himself is truly magnificent, going from no job and no income to becoming one of the top seller’s on Amazon UK in his category. I mark this down as one of my proudest achievements as coach and close friend to Mike than anything else to this current day.

Mike is now progressing into many other areas of his life which is truly inspiring to see. He is working on his side hustle too which is his Kindle Direct Publishing business. Mike is also researching his next product to bring out in the health food and supplements space and is striving to better himself each and every day.

This might sound like I am blabbing on and begging Mike up but this is a truly proud moment of mine, that I have been able to help somebody else achieve their goals and dreams. Mike’s was to live financially free and to own his own business – GOAL ACHIEVED! Well in Mike

July 2016 – I wrote my first book

’12 Steps To Amazon Success’ was written. A training course for anybody looking to start selling on Amazon, the book was published on Amazon for immediate sale.

I have always been keen to write a book, but never thought of writing a training course that could massively benefit other peoples lives until I got into selling online.

My main focus from here is to develop and create training courses specifically around my expertise, that will have a greatly positive impact on peoples lives. My aim is to write a high quality training course on selling on Amazon FBA (Fulfilment By Amazon) for my next book release, as well as a Kindle Direct Publishing training course for those looking to make money from selling ebooks on Amazon KDP.

As far as book writing and educational courses go, my first book was a very proud moment in the early stages of my business career.

August 2016 – My company turns 1 year old and I turn 25 years old

My birthday is on the 12/08/1991, my friends and I celebrated pretty hard that night which which had to be done as I had just turned a quarter of a century old.

My company turned 1 year old as of 16th August 2016 (this is the day that we made our first sale, yipee).

At the age of 25 years old, I had successful earned my first quarter of a million pounds (nearly).

My main focus for the last 3-months has been on helping other people achieve financial freedom in their lives.

I am now placing massive emphasis on providing as much value as I possibly can to other people, this is why I have started up my coaching and mentoring business. My ultimate aim and purpose in life is to help as many people achieve financial, location and time independence as I possible can.

While I sit here this evening and finish off writing about my story, I am reflecting on all of the things I am grateful for in my life. I am blessed with a beautiful girlfriend who is ultra supportive, kind and loyal, through the good times and the bad. My parents, my brother and my grandparents are absolutely fantastic and continue to be my biggest fans a year after I began my new, scary yet exciting online adventure.

My friends have been awesome, one friend in particular “Michael Beynon” from Healthy Bee. Thank you bro!

My business partner “JB,” you know how hard we have both worked to get to the point we are at now. There were many struggles and few successes at the start, but we stuck at it, stayed consistent and never lost sight of our end goal. For that and for your guidance through everything, I am deeply grateful.

I am thankful for stepping away from the bad patches in my life and discovering a new world filled with great opportunities.

I am grateful for my sight, my senses and of course, my car and my beautiful apartment. I never am have or will become ungrateful for all of the things I have and for all of the things that people have done for me.

Last but not least, I love the Internet!

Without this, none of this would be possible!

I would like to say a big thank you for taking the time out to read my story, I hope this has given you a more in depth look into my life, from past to present.

If you would ever like to get in touch regarding more information and details on coaching and mentoring for making money online, please do not hesitate to write me a message via the comments section below.

I look forward to speaking to you soon,