From Basic To Remarkable – Selling on Amazon FBA UK with Josh Clarke

 One day back in early 2016, someone called “Josh Clarke” dropped me a PM on my Facebook profile. At first, I thought it was going to be a message like many others I receive on a daily basis asking the same old questions about selling on Amazon.
But I was mistaken, I could tell from the very first message there was something different about Josh. There was a certain spark, a fire, a burning desire to succeed that well and truly grasped my attention from the very get go..
Selling on Amazon FBA UK with Josh Clarke


Even though the message only read:
“Hey Chris, I heard you’re selling on Amazon and kickin-ass. Would you mind if we arranged a meeting in helping myself to get started doing the same?”
I immediately responded and replied”Absolutely bro!”, in which I went on to state the price of the hourly meeting. Josh wasted no time in setting up a date for the meeting just a few days after.
In all honesty, the process of going from virtual bro’s to real life bro’s was a pretty rapid one.
From this point forward, not only has Josh started selling on the Amazon UK marketplace, he has turned a highly respectable amount of revenue for his newly formed supplement company. GO JOSH! 🙂
Most people would be happy in progressing to a point and maintaining their placement and growing slowly, but Josh, took a completely different route and continued to start and expand other businesses in the online world too..
Selling on Amazon UK
In tonights Facebook LIVE (@ 8pm UK time), I have the main man here right by my side talking about his very own ups, downs, negatives and positives of all things “Josh & his journey!”.
As you all know, it’s easy to sit there behind the computer and talk smack, but when it comes down to it, social proof is key. This is why Josh and I have decided to team up on tonight’s Facebook live and talk about the REAL truths of selling on Amazon, in enormous detail, information and clarity.
Before we dive into the mixer of Joshes success, I would like to give a brief backstory on the humble beginnings that Josh starting from (and the reasons for doing so), as I know this will help to motivate and inspire a lot of people to get up off their asses and form some control and take some massive action in their (YOUR) life..


Selling on Amazon FBA with Josh Clarke

Joshes story is very similar to mine actually, he like myself was a unhappy and overweight kid growing up. He started to realise that eating junk food and sitting on his ass all day just wasn’t doing sweet F.A for him (Joshes words, not mine), so he decided on focusing his efforts on hitting the gym and picking up weights, instead of opening up the cupboard and picking up endless bars of chocolates and packets of crisps.
From this point on, Josh started to see dramatic changes in his mood, energy and mindset. He started to realise that he was slowly improving himself as a person, as well as significantly improving the shape of his physique. Not so many years on, Josh had gone from close to 18 stone to 13.5 stone in weight, which is a phenomenal overall weight loss.
Josh was looking for a way to turn his fresh found passion and hobby into an online business venture, this is where he came up with the idea of creating a supplement range for a start up business, inspired by his own progress in and outside of the gym, as well as being shocked how well the supplements he was using to help his weight loss were so effective.
From here, Josh put 2 and 2 together and started to do his research onto creating his very own sports supplement brand, which is the brand that dominates the Health & Personal Care category on Amazon to this very day.
The rest is history.
BUT, it does not mean for a second there was not any mighty challenges and large obstacles that Josh didn’t have to push past during his climb to the top. It’s the struggles that make you who you are today, that’s the main thing to remember when dealing with tough and rough time, you have to keep going.
Josh knows this as well as any other, not just in business or Amazon specifically, but in life in general.


In tonight’s Facebook LIVE, I sit down with Josh to cover all Amazon selling success factors, as well as pitfalls to avoid when starting your own Amazon business up.
Josh to date, has nearly hit the 6-figure mark in total sales, and he has only been selling a little over 1-year. For those wondering, Josh and I actually sell in the same category, and one of the most in demand and competitive categories on Amazon, the Health & Personal Care (sports supplements) category.
For those mot familiar how tough it is to break into this market and actually create even a tiny amount of success is worthy of a tap on the back, so kudos to Josh for bringing his A-Game in making this happen (and doing so in great style too I must say).
Josh was also one of the very first students that enrolled and went through The Amazon Superstar training system, in which he found himself seeing incredible results from within his Amazon business.
Thank you for the awesome and continuos support Joshy C.
I hope you have all been somewhat inspired by Joshes story and you make the decision to take action at something that is challenging in your own life.
What ever it is, know that you can achieve it and take all of the necessary actions in making it happen.

I have a question for you; When you start your Amazon FBA or online based business, who is that one (or more) person that you are doing it for? For me, it’s my girlfriend Katie, my grandparents  my parents and my brother Nick. Comment your reason (your “WHY”) below! 🙂

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