Amazon Product Display Ads – The Sneaky Way to Target Extra Amazon Shoppers and Ethically Steal Your Competitors Traffic and Sales

Are you wondering how your competitors are getting their ads into the sidebar directly under your listings “add to cart” button? The answer’s simple, it’s Product Display Ads.

Product Display Ads are cost per click ads that help you drive more traffic and sales by targeting shopper interests, competitors, and complementary products!

The Product Display Ad shows up in the sidebar right underneath Amazon’s (or your competitors) add to cart button.

Product Display Ad Example

Unlike Amazon Sponsored Ads and Headline Search Ads which target the Amazon customer with keywords or search terms, Product Display Ads target based on the “shopper interest” or by “specific product“.

Interest Based Targeting gives you the ability to target based on an amazon shoppers broad interest.

Choose Your Interests

If you take a look at the above image, you will see that the interests under the Kids and Baby category include:

Baby Apparel

Baby Bedding

Baby Feeding..

But wait KJ… you said you can also target based on a product. Does that mean I can target a specific competitor? HECK YES YOU CAN…AND YOU SHOULD!!! You should even target complementary products too!

Targeting a competitor with a Product Display Ad is a great way to steal competitor sales. You can select specific products, and target them within a campaign or in multiple campaigns. You can also target complementary products that you are not in direct competition with. For instance, if you sold a deluxe baby spoon, that was BPA free and awesome, you would want to target baby food listings to drive more traffic and sales to your listing!

If you are looking for a broad audience, the shopper interest targeting is the way to go. On the other hand, the product targeting focuses on a narrow audience and is much more targeted. Try both ads to see which one works better for you. I have found success using both types of Product Display Ad Targeting. If you select a bunch of competitor and complementary products, you can get a TON of traffic.

Accessing Product Display Ads


You may be saying, wait KJ….I have no idea where I can access these product display ads!!!!

The only way to access them is by creating an AMS (Amazon Marketing Services) account through Vendor Express or by being an Amazon Vendor.

Are you wondering how to create an AMS or Amazon Vendor Account? 

To quickly get started on creating your Product Display Ads, go to or to create your account.

You will need to add a product to Vendor Express, but don’t worry too much about that. You’ll add the product just so you can have AMS access.

Once you are logged into your AMS account, click here to get started on your ads.

Amazon Marketing Services

We used to need an AMS (Amazon Marketing Services) account in order to access headline search ads. However, now Headline Search Ads are found in the back end of Seller Central, woohoo!

Here is an in-depth look at Headline Search Ads if you are looking for another way to grow your Amazon Sales.

How Do I Set Up My Product Display Ad?

Step 1: Once in the back end of your AMS account, you will create a campaign and select the Product Display ad.

Step 1- Choose The Right Ad

Step 2: Choose the targeting you want, either the Product targeting or Interest targeting.

Step 3: Select the product you wish to advertise. You can use a keyword, product name, UPC or ASIN to select the product.

Step 2 - 3 Targeting - Product

Step 4: For product targeting, enter the names of the competitors pages you wish to advertise on. You can also search by a general keyword in your market to find a larger list of competitors. You can and SHOULD do this for complementary products as well.

Product Targeting

Step 4b: For interest based targeting, choose your interests by going through the left hand column and finding relevant shopper interests.

Choose Your Interestes

Then, you will add those interests to the right-hand side.

Add Shopper Interests

Step 5: In this step, you will name your campaign, enter your cost per click (start lower as you can always increase your bids), add your daily budget (less is better to start), and enter the campaign duration (continuously or set a date range).

Also, you will create your ad. The ad creation involves the Headline, Brand Name, and Product Description.

Choose Campaign - Create Ad

Then, you will add your Brand Logo image. Please note the Brand logo image should be a JPG, GIF or PNG image. Also, the image is required to be no smaller than 100 pixels by 100 pixels. The size of the file must be smaller than 1MB.

Add Brand Logo (1)

Step 6: Here you will preview your ad and make sure everything is set up properly. You can review how your product image, brand logo, headline and product text will look on various sizes and on mobile and email.

Preview your ad

Step 7: Review your campaign details. Here you will be able to take a look at the product you are advertising, the targeting settings you selected, as well as the cpc, budget, campaign duration and ad pacing. Make sure you review these settings prior to submission!

Campaign Summary

Step 8: Submit for review! Now that you have properly set up your Product Listing Ad campaign, you are all ready to go! Submit your campaign and within 48 hours your ad will be approved or rejected!

Submit for Review

Here Is a list of Frequently Asked Questions for Amazon Product Display Ads via AMS.

Where do I access product display ads? You will need to create an AMS (Amazon Marketing Services) account to access the advertising dashboard. In order to create an AMS account, go to or to create your account.

How much do Product Display Ads Cost? Product Display Ads are cpc based. That means you pay every time an Amazon shopper clicks on your ad creative on Amazon. You only pay when someone clicks on your ad and goes to your listing

Are Product Display Ads Keyword Based Targeting? No. Product Display Ads are targeted to shopper interests OR products. That means you can run your ad for a shopper’s interest, like baby apparel. Or, you can target a competitor’s product listing page by adding that product as your target. The Product Display Ads are a great way to get extra traffic and sales to your listings.

Is Product Targeting or Interest Targeting Better? This depends completely on your outcome. Are you looking to drive brand exposure? Using a wider net like interest based may be better for depending on your product and the market it is in. The product based targeting is a great way to advertise to a specific shopper audience. You can also target complementary products! For instance, if you sell a unique baby spoon, you can advertise on a baby food product page. This is a complementary product that can result in driving extra traffic or sales!

Do I Need Brand Registry For AMS Product Display Ads? Yes, you will need to be brand registered in order to use Product Display Ads. Click Here For Brand Registry. Do you own a brand? Click here to go to the BEST BRAND MARKETING COURSE EVER!!!!

What is Amazon Marketing Services? Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) is a platform for Amazon brands to access a suite of advertising tools that allow you to drive traffic, brand exposure and sales.

Where Are Amazon Product Display Ads Located? They are located in the sidebar of a product listing page. You can target these pages based on shopper interest or by product.

Product Display Ad Example

Pro Seller Tip: The AMS Product Display Ads also show to abandoned carts AND are sent in recommendation emails!!! That means your ad will be served to people who added your product to cart but did not purchase. They will also be shown in recommendation emails to your target shoppers, competitors shoppers, or complementary product shoppers… cool is that?

Email Ads

Do Product Display Ads Work? Yes, they do! Product Display Ads are a great way to get more traffic, brand exposure and sales!!! When done correctly this means more sales baby!!!

You can target shoppers based on their interests, competitor products, and complementary products. Product Display Ads can help you get a TON of traffic. When used correctly, the ROI can be awesome. Here is a screenshot of a few campaigns from one brand that had a very low ACOS (average cost of sale). Look at all those extra sales!!!

Product Display Ads Results

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