Social Marketing – Faking It To Make On Social Media

“I’m just gonna fake it with my social marketing, yo. Mwa’haha!”

Befire I begin the following: PLEASE be prepared to unfriend/unfollow my stupid ass!

And herrrrrre we go (nice knowing you amigo!).


While this view above could be mistaken for the ‘Hotel’ Katie and I are staying at in Venice, all that assumed and believed would be greatly mistaken.


You can fake a photo on social media to the absolute fuckin’ nines if you wanted to.

Beautiful views.

Vibrant colours.

& a catchy headline..

It’s as easy as a walk in the park, yo!

You could do it.

I could definitely do it.

He could.

And she could do.

Lying to make it these days seems part of the life we choose for ourselves. I’m personally sick of it. From my old posts to my most recents, I have minimised the faking factor to as small as a baby worm lost in the grass jungle trying to make it on It’s own – total #LoneWolf style, yo!

But fcuk that shizz! I’m so over all of that garbage..


Dustbin stuff.

Sewer rat status type thing.


Don’t ever be like that. Ever. Seriously.

Stay real & stay true to yourself.

I promise you that you will be so much happier this way.

Up until right now, I have had money..

Like, A LOT of fuckin’ money..

The true reason why I’m writing this status now is because I am not where I need to be financially in my life (we all want more money but I set some pretty huge goals for myself financially, and when I don’t hit them, I come down pretty tough on myself).


Yep, ya boy said it..

Always be honest. Always. Despite how hard things are to say out loud. Total and utter transparency with yourself and with others.

THIS is how respect is built.

Here’s some things that I’ve been up to lately and what I have in planning:

BMW i8 #SupercarLOL

BMW i8

Mistake? Short term no. Long term yes.

VENICE for 6-nights #TravelTroll

Venice, Italy

Worth the spend? ABSOLUTELY 1000% YES.

Next stop, somewhere FAR FAR away from home (you’ll know all about this in less than 8-days from now..).

While this cute and playful smile (photo #1) may seem welcoming and leader-driven at first, if you were to take a deeper look, all you would start to see if stress from the beginning of financial difficulties.

* The good thing about financial restraints is that they can be turned on their heads within an instant IF you know how to work things right, which I do.


It’s extremely challenging for me to say this because I have been so comfortable in the last 2-years of working my booty off smartly and effectively.

“OMFG – how & why is the main man CHRISSY FUCKIN’ J outdoing himself on the honest paradigm?!”

Because I’m fuckin’ sick of hurt.

The bullshit.

The lies.

And current state of many lives that is fuelled by complete FAKENESS!

Become an Amazon seller

From a extremely successful Amazon seller (and proud to state it) that dominated the Health & Personal Care category on Amazon UK for near 2-years running before having his products taken offline to this state of WHAT EVER this fucking is, feels pretty damn strange I must say.

Angry mornings.

Stress fuelled afternoons.

Sleepless nights.

Constant worry.

The whole sha-bang, yo!

Before I continue, I would just like to say that I AM a VERY talented, skilled and hustle fuelled individual, in ever sense of the words.

I will not rest.

I will not sleep.

I will not play around.

I WILL NOT make the same mistakes EVER.EVER again..

*FY to the fuckin’ I:

For the 6-nights we are staying in Venice, we are staying in an apartment off the main square (St Marco) that is costing less than £700 and more than £680 for the total duration..

Still think you have to spend to live like an apparent “King & Queen?!”

No, do you fcuk!

At my current state of life, I could be doing WAYYYY better financially. I have let things slip over the last few months and have narrowed my focus more so towards building my blog ( over actually chasing paper, like a normally would, and it feels incredibly refreshing.

The only thing with not chasing the paper (earning that cash) on a daily basis in my world is where my luxuries will not get paid for. Aka, not being able to afford them.

Such as: BMW i8 – £1,500+ per month (Inc insurance) & rent, food, another car, and many other outgoings.

I have learned A LOT over the last few months that luxuries DO NOT make you happy, bring an honest smile to your face or bring any sort of long term fulfilment to your life.

I’m finally at a point in my life where I know want. And for that, feels fantastic and does bring a sense of gratitude to my heart.

BUT that leaves the luxuries that I have minimum ambition and motivation to continue paying for.

What do I do now?

In all honesty, I HAD to get the BMW i8 to experience this feeling. It was a must for me. But these “musts” can be extremely costly.

Could I start selling on Amazon again and get back to kickin’ ass?

Yes, of course I could.

Am I going to do that?

Absolutely, yes I am.

I trust in you that you trust in me enough not to lead you blindly onto a path of such confidence and belief that you think this whole process is a:

“Get stinkin’ rich in the next 30-days brah..”

.. Sorta thing cause even Dora the fcukin’ explorer couldn’t venture across enough broken lands to figure that shit out so damn quickly, no matter how fast her feet moved!

Making money and living life on your terms is not easy. It’s challenging beyond measure, in every sense of the word.

For me, making money is about creating more choices in my life. Having the freedom to say “I feel like going to Tanzania on a Safari tour in a weeks time” and just being able to do exactly that.

Or what ever it is you want to do or wherever it is you want to go..

For me, the strain on my mind of how much money I have mistakenly wasted in the past few years on totally irrelevant things in pretty sickening.

Let me give you some examples of what I mean by this:

* Eating out in restaurants 7 days per week

£20-30 per day (£600 per month)

* Drinking 3-5 cups of coffee per day

£10 per day (£280 per month)

* Financing tech gadgets for the F of it

£80 per month for an Apple Mac etc..

You get the point..

What I’m trying to say is this:

“When starting or growing a business, maintain the lowest possible personal outgoings that you can for as long as you can before beginning to take any money out for yourself.”

This will help you to grow your business much faster as well teach you some valuable lessons with self control.

The above is something I have only just started to master by the way, and it feels disgusting having to look back and see all of the wrong turns and bad decisions I made.

But so what? It’s all experience right?!


This is all only an experience IF (and only IF) you actually took note, learnt and progressed with a positive attitude and outlook on the given situation that seemingly gave you that “experience” in life.






* You will most likely fail several times before you hit the nail on the head in finding great victory – it’s always the biggest failures that set you up for a massively successful comeback.

“A setback is a setup for a comeback.”

– Eric Thomas

Whether it’s an Amazon business, a consultancy business or any other on or offline biz for that matter, just be prepared to give it your all and learn from my own mistakes I have, am, and will continue to do so.

Let Chrissy J fail his ass off so you can succeed.

Seriously, yo.

And that leaves your boy, sitting here in seat 11E on his EasyJet flight back from from Venice, Italy thinking to himself:


I have three words to answer that question:

  1. Amazon
  2. FBA
  3. USA


You think this lil’ selling machine can get knocked down and not stand back up even taller and shine even brighter than before?!

Hell to the damn NO playa!

Eruptions are about to take place.

Like BIGGGG eruptions..

There will be minimal updates about the progress of what I’m doing (we’re doing ;)) until I have to go ahead to get this party started, but I will tell you it’s something you’ve seen designs for before.. 😉

Before I sign off, I would just like to finish by saying this:


YES, while I might be incredibly handsome, I still do own some pretty big flaws.

* I start things without finishing them

This is something I am really working on improving – not to talk so much in the initial stages of m excitement when I get an idea and shout it out loud to everybody like Justin Bieber singing his girls a love song, but more so to control my feelings, compact my emotions and take my time with my thoughts and approach before making any irrational decisions.

Perfect example:

Social marketing

The Hustle Guide – this is something I said everybody would get for FREE in a few weeks (last year) and got so excited in the process, I barely even finished creating the guide.

* Look at the tagline of The Hustle Guide above (“Getting Shit Done!”), not exactly perfectly fitting it’s statement right now is it..

The guide is currently 70% complete and is still sat on my design board on waiting for me to complete, download and send out to all of you.

This isn’t fair to you. And I promise this is something I will work on improving, and fast.

Sorry guys. My sincere apologies.

Most people would be horrified that I flaunt my flaws as much as I do, but the honest fact is that by doing so, I actually feel WAYYYY better about myself and it helps me to connect with people so much more, on a deeper level which is very relatable.

Anyway, it’s time to end this puppy and get my booty home to The Hu$tle Station where my goals and dreams are awaiting me!

Until next time homies, stay grounded and keep it risky! 🙂

OH, and if you would like to see me earn more money than ever before from selling the new (soon to announce) products on Amazon and through affiliate marketing and course creation through my blog, hit me with a “Like” below and we can get this all knocked into top gear!

And for the doubters, haters or people that don’t like me – I’ll bring you some in depth and honest monthly income reports to show that everything is lit and legit..

I’m out.

Mad love from your boy,

– Chrissy to the freakin’ J 🙂

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