Headline Search Ads – What Are Headline Search Ads & What Are The Best Ways To Use Them?

Headline Search Ads are a really cool way to drive more traffic and sales to your Amazon listing. So, what are they? Here’s an example of a headline search ad….

Headline Search Ads Example

Headline search ads are keyword targeted ads, meaning you will select keywords or search terms relevant to your product and then bid on those keywords against other Amazon sellers to show your ad. Keywords can be a single word, such as “shirt”, or they can be multiple words like “large shirts”.

When you select keywords in your advertising campaign, Amazon will match those to the search terms that Amazon customers search and then potentially show your product to them in the form of the Headline Search Ad.

It’s an auction based advertising system, and when you win the auction your ads will be shown.

The great thing about Headline Search Ads is that they show AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE above the other listings. That means you’ll show up first. If you have good products with optimized listings you can get good revenue and sales from these ads.

When someone clicks on your headline search ad, they will be taken to a custom landing page (with 3 or more of your SKU’s) or they will be taken to a brand page.

Click here to get help with setting up your Brand Page in Amazon Stores.

You used to need a AMS (Amazon Marketing Services) account in order to use the headline search ads, which meant you had to be an Amazon Vendor. The shortcut most 3rd party sellers used was to create a Vendor Express Account, which granted access to the AMS suite.

What’s awesome now is that you do not need an AMS account for the Headline Search Ad as Amazon recently added Headline Search Ads to all Seller Central Accounts. 

All you will need is to be brand registered for your products to access Headline Search Ads.

Why Do Headline Search Ads Rock?

  • Drive extra traffic and sales to your brand
  • Build more brand awareness and visibility
  • Advertise multiple ASIN’s at the same time
  • Show up at the top of Amazon’s searches

How Much Do Headline Search Ads Cost?

Headline Search Ads charge when you someone clicks on your ad. The ad is an auction based ad. You can set up your maximum cost-per-click when you set up the ad. The higher you bid on a given keyword or set of keywords, the higher likelihood your ad will be shown. The minimum CPC or cost-per-click for the Headline Search Ads is $0.10. You don’t get charged more than you bid on a given keyword.

How Do I Set Up My Headline Search Ads?

  1. Log into your seller central account and head over to the Advertising Tab, then click on Campaign Manager.

Step 1 Headline Search Ads

2. Click on Headline Search Ads within the Campaign Manager

Step 2 Headline Search Ads

3. Click Create Campaign

Step 3 Headline Search Ads

4. Choose a Registered Brand. If you are not Brand Registered click here to register your brand with Amazon.

Step 4 Headline Search Ads

5. Choose your Brand Store Page or a Product List Page. If you are not sure what a Store page is or need help setting one up click here to see our full guide. (Store Page Blog Post Link)

Step 5 Headline Search Ads

6. Add Your Products to Product list page or Brand page. For the product list page, you will need to add 3 or more SKU’s.

Step 6 Headline Search Ads

7. Preview your Product list page or Brand page and make sure it’s what you want.

Step 7 Headline Search Ads

8. Now you will start editing the ad creative for your Headline Search Ads. You will need to enter your Brand display name, enter your Headline text, Add your main image, and also Add your ad products. Choose a catchy headline that customers will want to click on. Make sure it is relevant to your products!

Step 8 Headline Search Ads

9. Choose a default bid and review the suggested keywords. If you like the keywords then add them to the campaign. I have already added all the suggested keywords in this screenshot. You can also choose from different match-types. Match-types are different ways of modifying a keyword. Exact match keywords will only show your ad when someone searches the exact keyword. Phrase match is when someone searches the exact keyword, but may have something before or after it. For instance, if you chose the keyword “dog shirts” as phrase match and someone searched for “best dog shirts”, your ad would show. Broad match is when your ad shows to any similar keywords to

Step 9 Headline Search Ads

10. Now we are going to review the keywords. Take a look at the match type and keyword bid cost. If everything looks good then click continue.

Step 10 Headline Search Ads

11. Here we are going to review our campaign. We will name our campaign, select a start and end date, enter in a budget, edit our ad creative if it doesn’t look how we want it to, preview our landing page, and finally approve of our keywords.

Step 11 Headline Search Ads

What’s the Key to Winning with Headline Search Ads?

There are many factors to the success of your Headline Search Ad campaign. The first step is determining what your landing page will be. Are you going to send your traffic to a landing page with 3 SKU’s like this one?

This Sonos Headline Search Ad….

Headline Search Ads Example 2

Sends traffic to a Product list page with multiple SKU’s. Remember with the Product list page we need to select 3 or more SKU’s.

Product list page

Or are you going to send your ad traffic to a Brand Page like this one?

Amazon Basics Store

Regardless if you choose a Product listing page or a Brand page Headline Search Ads can work very well. You will want to make sure your products have good ratings and reviews and are optimized to sell. The next important step is to make sure your ad creative looks good. Choose a headline that is catchy and make sure your images look great.

It’s a good idea to create campaigns that target specific keywords. In each campaign’s ad creative, you will want to use the main keyword you are targeting. For example, if I sell t-shirts that are specific to women, there are many keywords to choose from.

t-shirts for women

In order to really target my ad creative to the keywords I choose to bid on, I would create several campaigns.

The first campaign I will create will be based on this keyword, t-shirts for women with sayings

I’d then create a campaign with ad creative that says…..

Epic t-shirts for women with sayings, don’t miss out. 

The keyword or search terms I would target and choose in the campaign would be…

t-shirts for women with sayings, and some very, very similar keywords.

I would then choose a Product list page with 3 or more SKU’s of t-shirts that match my ad creative and the keywords I selected.

This results in highly targeted campaigns and will results in more dollars in your pocket. You always want to get the maximum return on your ad spend.

Frequently Asked Questions For Headline Search Ads

Why Did My Headline Search Ad Get Rejected? Your Headline Search Ad claim must appear in your actual product detail page. So, if you make a claim you do not support on your product page, Amazon might not approve your ad. Also, your ad may get rejected if you try to use claims like “top seller”, “best seller”, or “#1”. Promotional messages like that will not be approved.

Can Anyone Use Headline Search Ads? Before, you used to have an AMS or Vendor Account to use Headline Search Ads. Now, as long as you are brand registered, you can access Headline Search Ads in your Seller Central account.

Can I Advertise My Brand/Store page with Headline Search Ads? Yes, you can use a Brand or Store page to send your traffic to. You can split test campaigns with the same keywords and ad text and then use the Product listing page or the Store page and see which performs better.

What Keyword Match-Types Can I Use with Headline Search Ads? You can use broad, phrase, and exact match-types with your Headline Search Ads. The more targeted your campaigns the better. You can always start with a broad match and phrase match campaign and see what keywords perform well and then create separate campaigns with more phrase and exact match. The key is to find the poor performing keywords and remove from your campaigns. Similarly, you’ll want to find the good performing keywords and separate them into tighter ad groups and campaigns.

What Are the Best Ways To Set Up My Campaigns? You will want to set up at least 2 campaigns to start. They should be duplicates of each other and vary in 1 main thing, like the ad image. Test the campaigns and see which one performs better.  Then, remove the poor performing campaign and create another campaign to test against the winner. I like to test the ad creative first. You can also test the landing page too.

Should I Target My Own Branded Keywords? Absolutely, it is a great idea to target brand keywords with your Headline Search Ads. Branded keywords have high value as they are buyer keywords. I target branded keywords on both Amazon and Google.

Should I Target My Competitors Brand Keywords? You want to dominate on Amazon right…? You should definitely target your competitors branded keywords. Just like your own, these shoppers are hot and ready to buy. Offer a better product and service and you can steal the sales from your competition!

How Do I Find Great Keywords For the Headline Search Ads Campaign? There are quite a few places to get keywords for your Headline Search Ads. You can start with the Amazon Search Bar, the Google Search Bar, the Sonar Keyword Tool (free), your brand keywords, your competitors brand keywords, and finally, your Amazon Sponsored Products Ads (Auto-Targeting).

How Do I Make a Brand Page or Store Page to Advertise My Headline Search Ads? First thing you will want to do is check out this post on building your brand page on Amazon, then you will want to grab this AMAZING COURSE FOR BRANDING, Brand Champ! Remember, you can always use multiple SKU’s that are relevant to your ad by selecting the product listing page, but the Store page is another great option.

If you are looking for that added spark of guidance, charismatic advise and friendly additional information on all things selling on Amazon, then you can also head over to our university where you will find the flagship course The Amazon Superstar! 🙂

Have any questions? Drop them in the comments section below! 🙂

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