The Amazon Store Guide – The New Way To Market Your Brand On Amazon!

What is the new Amazon Store that was launched recently? The Amazon Store is a new place on Amazon for brands to showcase their products, build brand loyalty, and drive sales baby!

The Amazon Store is basically a mini website on Amazon that you can set up for your brand. Amazon has a really cool, simple to use platform that allows amazon sellers the ability create these mini websites that look awesome. This platform is optimized for mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

The Amazon Store is a great tool to use when marketing on Amazon. Use it correctly, and you can see great results.

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The Amazon Store is Super Cool. You Can Use it to Showcase Your Brand and Products!

You can make several pages to show different products or aspects of your brand. There are 3 pre-made templates you can choose from or you can create your own Amazon Store from scratch by choosing the content pieces yourself. You get to have your own unique web address with the Amazon Store. It’s separate from your marketplace place or traditional storefront page. This is all about building you brand and showcasing what it can do.

Amazon Store

Amazon Wants You to Bring the In-Store Customer Experience to Amazon

Amazon Stores is set up for you to bring the in-Store experience and feeling to your Store online. They want your customers to get the feeling that they are shopping for your products in-store, so they created the Amazon Store to allow brands to do that.

Here is an awesome Amazon Store example from Amazon, called Amazon Basics….

Amazon Basics Store

The Amazon Basics Store is set up beautifully. It uses elements like the Text Tile and Image Tiles to show how great the products are. Don’t worry if you are not sure what those are, we’ll cover them shortly!

Pro Seller Tip: When you search for “Amazon Basics” in google, you find this Amazon Store is actually indexed in Google as the screenshot shows below. That means if you create your own Amazon Store, it will index in Google. This could bring you more traffic, or keep more of your traffic on Amazon.

Here is another Amazon Store Design, from Klipsch Speakers.

Amazon Store Example

There are elements of this Amazon Store that are awesome, such as the introduction text, tagline, and video. Notice how it really looks like an actual website for Klipsch, but is on Amazon.

I love how they use that kickass tagline “pissing of the neighbors since 1946”, a perfect tagline for speakers.

I do think the header and logo could use some work though. They are not showing much value there and the brand could definitely spruce it up a bit and make it more compelling. The one nice thing about the header is the EST 1946 in the logo, but it’s hard to see. They do show it a little further down the page in the introduction text.

Pro Tip: Make sure your header and logo do a good job showing the value of the brand. Notice how on the Amazon Basics Store they show a lot of cool products throughout the header. After seeing the header I’m ready to buy some awesome stuff from Amazon.

Amazon Store Set Up, Step-by-Step Guide

Here is a nice and easy step-by-step guide for you to follow when creating your Amazon Store.

1) Inside your seller central account, select STOREFRONT

Select Storefront

Step 1: Name Your Amazon Store (this should be your brand name)

Step 2: Create a logo that is at least 400 x 400 pixels and upload to your Store. You have the option to show the brand logo or leave it out. This depends entirely on how you want your header to look on your Amazon Store.

Step 3: Add a brand page description for your reference.

Step 4: Choose from one of Amazon’s 3 different Store templates. You can choose Marquee, which is great for lots of product lines and showcasing them with large images. Highlight is another template that is excellent for showing 1 product off. It has video and text fields built into it, which is awesome. The third Amazon Store template is Product Grid, which displays a bunch of products in a grid-like fashion. There is a 4th option that allows you to create your own Store from scratch. Are you feeling bullish….have at it!


Amazon Store

You are able to have multiple pages on your Amazon Store and use a different template for each page. You could create a page for each product you have, or groups of products you have.

Amazon Store Content Tiles

There are a few really cool content pieces called tiles you can use to create your Amazon Store. We’ll do a quick rundown of each one of them and how best to use it. Mix and match to create your Amazon Store. Plan what you want and where first, then you can get to work on the content creation side.

Header Tile – The header tile is where you have your header image and logo. You do not have to have your logo there if you opt not to use it. You can also have a navigation bar there is you have multiple pages you will need for your Store.

Header Tile

Text Tile – The text tile can have the text positioned left, right, center or justify. The amount of text you are allowed is dependent on the size of the text tile you use. Text tiles can link to Amazon Store or detail pages.

Text Tile

Text Tile Sizes

  • Extra Large – 20 lines
  • Large – 9 lines
  • Medium – 5 lines
  • Small – 8 lines

Image Tile – There are multiple image tiles to choose from and vary on size. Like the text tile, you can link Image tiles to Amazon Store subpages or product detail pages.

Image Tile Requirements

Full Width – 3000 x 1500

Large – 1500 x 1500

Medium – 1500 x 750

Small – 750 x 750

Product Tile

Image + Text Tile – The image tile + text tile allows you to add images and text together. You can even put links in to products or pages. Text will show a cool text header plus some descriptive text.

Image / Text Tile

Video Tile – The video tile is awesome! It allows you to use a video for your brand page. You can choose to promote a single product or your whole brand with the video tile. Using the marquee template and the video tile for the promotion of a single product can produce stunning Amazon Store pages. You will need to upload an image as the image placeholder for the video.

Video Tile

Gallery Tile – The gallery is another awesome tile you can use for your amazon Store page. You can add up to 8 images with the gallery. You can also have a headline and some descriptive text underneath.

Gallery Tile

Recommended Products Tile – The Recommended Products Tile will showcase the products that Amazon recommend based on the previous shopping history. It displays 5 products at a time. This tile will not show if you do not have any recommended products for your brand.

Recommended Products Tile

Product Tile – The products tile is a great tile for highlighting a single product. It will show the actual price and let users know if it’s an amazon prime product. When someone clicks on the product tile it will take them directly to the product detail page. You can add your own product title and description.

Product Tile

Product Grid – The Product Grid is a cool tile as well. You can select up to 100 products, but no less than 4. The Product Grid products can be selected by you with keywords or manually. This tile will show on either the Product Grid Template or on a blank template created from scratch. It will not show on the Marquee Template or the Highlight Template.

Product Grid Template

Best Sellers Tile – The Amazon Store best sellers tile is a great one to push your best selling products. This tile shows off the hot selling products of your brand. Like the recommended tile it will show 5 products at a time. If you do not have any best selling products the tile will not show.

Best Sellers tile

Now It’s Time to Review and Publish Your Amazon Store

So, you’ve gone ahead and created your Amazon Store, now it’s time to publish! A few things to note prior to publishing:

  • Make sure your Amazon Store does not have any misspellings or incorrect punctuation
  • Make sure you can easily read your images and text on mobile devices (there is a mobile preview option
  • It can take several days for your Amazon Store to be approved

Resources to Help You Build Your Amazon Store

Here are Some Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the Amazon Store

How Much Does It Cost to Set Up My Amazon Store?

The Amazon Store is free! As long as you have a brand on Amazon (are Brand Registered) you can go ahead and get your Amazon Store set up. You will need to have product images and content created for your Amazon Store if you do not already have them. The image sizing for the header, hero image, and gallery are all very specific so if you do not have excellent graphic design skills you may need to hire someone to get them created.

Why Should I Set up an Amazon Store for My Brand?

Setting up an Amazon Store is a great idea for driving extra traffic and sales via Amazon. Plus, with the release of the headline search ads, Amazon is allowing us to drive traffic directly to the Store instead of sending traffic to the headline search ad page.

Amazon says that your Amazon Store page can receive traffic from Amazon search and detail pages. 

I’ve already started advertising my Amazon Store in the Headline Search Ads and I’m already seeing results!

What is the Best Template to Use for Amazon Store?

That depends entirely on your brand. Are you focusing all your efforts on a couple products? Maybe you will want to use the Highlight template? Want to focus more on large images that tell a story, use the Marquee Template. Lastly, if you have lots of products you may want to use the Product Grid.

You can make multiple pages for your Amazon Store, and use a different template for each page. Your header will remain consistent across your Store though. Each Amazon Store is made up of 1 or more pages. Every page will have a header and a footer and content tiles. Every Amazon Store can have up to 3 levels with multiple pages at each level.

Is There a Social Sharing Ability on My Amazon Store?

Yes, there is social sharing. At the bottom of your Amazon Store there is the option to share with Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Amazon wants your pages to be shared, it gives them more exposure.

Social Sharing

What is the Best Way to Promote My Amazon Store?

An AMAZING thing about the Amazon Store is that you can use it as the landing page in your headline search ads campaign. The headline search ads campaign is a new type of Amazon sponsored advertising. Before, with Headline Search Ads you had to market three products in a very ugly, product grid like way. Now, you can use your Amazon Store URL to rock the house with the Headline search ads.


Where Can I Find a Designer for My Amazon Store Images?

Fiverr is always a great place to get things done on the cheap. Upwork is another place I venture frequently. There are a bunch of places to find graphic designers. Make sure you check their work prior to hiring them. You will want to make sure they can create high quality, eye-catching images that showcase your brand and tell a story that gets your potential customers to buy.

How Long Does it take For My Amazon Store to Get Published After I Submit It?

It took about 10 days for my Amazon Store to get published. Amazon states that it an take several days for the Amazon Store to get through moderation and go live.

Does the Amazon Store Index in Google?

Yes, the Amazon Store will index in Google. You can use this to drive additional traffic from Google to your listing. Heck, you could even use it as a website. The one main drawback is that the URL of the Amazon Store is formatted like this:

We are hoping Amazon allows us use some sort of vanity link in the future.

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