How To Start An FBA Business Without The Headaches

YO homie! I hope your FBA business is growing from strength to strength on that daily basis YO! šŸ˜‰

There is one BIIIG ol’ argument that has always gone on between Amazon sellers..

The majority of you will know exactly what this is about.

There are blog posts, forums, YouTube videos and relentless cussing about how bad it is and how tough things are..

Can you guess what i’m talking about here!? šŸ˜‰

* Drum roll please (or not..) *


Uh oh..

As an Amazon seller with an FBA business (or another), the aim is to connect with the lovely people who buy your products (but sadly, these lovely people are not your customers. They are Amazon’s customers!).

I know what your chasing. That warm fuzzy feeling that sends shivers down your spine overtime you..

No, not that thing.. šŸ˜‰

But carefully and strategically typing up an email and sending it out to Amazon’s customers (sorry!).

IF we as FBA businessĀ enthusiastsĀ wereĀ privilegedĀ enough toĀ actuallyĀ receive our buyers emails, we could:

  1. Send discounts and promotions off their next purchaseĀ 
  2. Share the latest and greatest news of our FBA business
  3. Provide additional support in terms of extended help and value
  4. Build further rapport for building a thriving and highly engaged audienceĀ 
  5. Strategically ask for feedback on your service and productsĀ 

Evidently, Amazon feels exactly the same way..

And this is where the challenge lies. Especially with the FBA business..

Amazon certainly knows the power of having a larger than life email list of highly targeted customers. Amazon is a one man band when it comes to email collection and one man is all that they will ever need in that band.

Selfish or smart? The second one all the way (even though it would be a beautiful world if we were granted with such luxuries Amazon ;)).

Maybe I should drop a seriously nice email to Jeff Bezos and politely ask him I could have the 27,000+ emails from the people that have bought my products over the last 24-months? I won’t holiday breathe on the reply of that one.. LOL.

“Chrissy J! WTF should we do brah?!”

In all honesty, this code is going to be pretty tricky to crack. We have to realise and understand that Amazon are the top dogs here, and these dogs are in full control of everything. EVERY.SINGLE.SECOND of the day.

Not to be the bearer of bad news but..

  • Amazon won’t give you the customer email, period, and attempting to contact customers by email is against Amazon’s TOS. Strike one!
  • Amazon will not allow any marketing messages by using the Buyer/Seller messaging service. Strike two!
  • Amazon will not allow you to put a web links, email addresses, in your listings or feedback. Strike three!

In fact, as you will already know, Amazon states..

Attempts to divert transactions or buyers:

Any attempt to circumvent the established Amazon sales process or to divert Amazon users to another website or sales process is prohibited. Specifically, any advertisements, marketing messages (special offers) or “calls to action” that lead, prompt, or encourage Amazon users to leave the Amazon website are prohibited. This may include the use of email or the inclusion of hyperlinks, URLs or web addresses within any seller-generated confirmation email messages or any product/listing description fields.

Okay great, thanks Amazon..

In all seriousness. you can’t blame Amazon. I definitely can’t. The FBA business model has personally kept me fed, with a roof overly head and a flow of delicious coffees every single day for the last two years. Seriously, I cannot complain.

Amazon didn’t grow their company to one of the biggest in the entire world by keeping a smile on everybody’s face. Remember that.

In business, you sometimes have to do things that might make others unhappy. That’s just business. That’s just how things go sometimes.


In a video by Greg Mercer of Jungle Scout, Greg says the two best ways to ‘re-route’ a customer out from the Amazon ecosystem, and hopefully onto your very own email list, is by…

“Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.”

– Albert Einstein

  1. Product inserts (including a “Thank You slip/card in with your web address and social media inside your products packaging)
  2. Product packaging (designing your web address and social media platforms on the outer box packaging for your product)

BUT as Greg says in the video above, it is a very grey area, and is possibly outside of the Terms & Conditions of selling on Amazon. The perfect example here would be the eBook that Greg created and offered his buyers has now been taken down. I think we can all agree that this action is way too risky to play around with.

So, where does that leave us yo!?

Umm, how about lost in the amazon rainforest with no hope of sending emails to the good people who have purchased our products?

But fear not great warrior. Whenever there is an obstacle or a challenge in life, there is always a solution! šŸ˜‰

We can still build an epically engaged following for our brand online. It just takes a different and more creative way of thinking, instead of taking customers directly FROM Amazon’s marketplace, we can take our own customers TO Amazon (which Amazon absolutely love by the way. External traffic!).

Time to flip the mode of thinking homie. If Amazon won’t provide us the customer emails (which they don’t and they won’t,) we can go off and leverage the liked of Facebook, Instagram, our own website or blog and from our potential YouTube channels (as well as many more ways!).

Imagine a world where you already have a bucket load of highly targeted emails of your own prior to launching your product on Amazon!?

Does instant sales and honest, consistent and verified product reviews and seller feedback come to mind?

Instead of wasting your breathe day dreaming of the time and date of when Amazon is going to gift you with the emails you so well deserve, try focusing your efforts on building an email list of your own, from your very own platform.

Worry not friend. You don’t have to go off and wrestle with advertisement space on Facebook, Insagram or YouTube to see where you can fit your supercar, suitcase of dollar bills, sunny beaches and beautiful women (or handsome guys) into your ad..

Let’s keep this simple, clean and effective:

  1. Create a free offer competition or prize draw (1 offer for 1 winner)
  2. Create a sharing mechanism (get people to share so it goes viral)
  3. Create the impression of a heavily discounted item as runner up prizes for a very specific period of time (all entrants will be “runners up”)
  4. Continue to market your brand in relentless and epic fashion to make money online

Let’s try to look at this from a buyers point of view..

For example; ‘Katie’ spots a fantastic competition giveaway for a free pack of her favourite coffee whilst scrolling through her Facebook newsfeed. She is over the moon obsessed with her mid-morning cappuccinos, so decided to chance her luck and enter the competition prize giveaway (way to go Katie!).

Katie hits the link to enter the competition and it takes her to a sign up page where she has to enter her “First name” and Email address” in order to fully enter the competition.

Why does Katie have to give us her email address? Well, we have to either:

  1. Let Katie know if she has won her free bag of coffee
  2. Kindly and gently let Katie know that she unfortunately wasn’t the winner this time aroundĀ 

Pretty simples right? šŸ˜‰

With the likes of Facebook ads, you can target your ideal customer audience in a matter of a few clicks. This is how you can find people like ‘Katie’ to enter coffee competitions in exchange for that all so important email address.

Let’s look at collecting emails in more detail from a sellers perspective:

  • Create a free offer (prize giveaway)

When people see the word “FREEBIE,” they usually do one of a few things:

  1. Go totally cray cray and just run around their kitchen like a headless chicken
  2. Actually complete and enter the offer to be in for a chance to win the free prize
  3. Tell their friends and family members about the offer (dat viral shares process doe..)

At the end of the day, the majority of us love something for free. Especially the everyday person. That daily consumer.

We all have that one friend that is a total addict when it comes to consumerism..

“Mike, put that leather jacket and suede shoes down bro!”

When it comes to email collection, it’s all about perceived value. Letting the entree of the prize think they are in possible chance of getting something valuable for free. It’s as simple as that.

If you can replicate the process during your build up to a product launch on Amazon let’s say, you could be in a mighty powerful position for selling a large amount of units right off the bat. Spiking Amazon’s algorithm and positioning yourself on the first page for your main keyword.

The possibilities are endless with this, you can also:

  • Add consistent value to your email list on a daily/weekly basis to build further trust and rapportĀ 
  • Promote offers and special discounts directly to your list whenever you choose (do so strategically)
  • Ask for honest feedback on your products and service (Amazon reviews.. ;))

And so SO much more!

“Email is dead.”

You wot m8!? LOL.

  • Create a sharing mechanism

This is where the true magic lies when it comes to gaining exposure and email capture online – If you can post something that gets peopled hyped,then you will see results from people liking, commenting and sharing your post. Done right, your post could go viral. Potentially resulting in a more than just a ‘nice amount’ of targeted emails for yourself to leverage.

This is what we call a “Slam dunk!” in the internet marketing world!

And no. It doesn’t cost a lot to get this all up and running..

All that you will need is the following:

  1. A website/blog or a simple landing page
  2. A domain name for your website
  3. An email service such as AWeber or MailchimpĀ 
  4. A viral competition serviceĀ 

About the viral competition service..

These awesome software services will let you create an offer to tempt people, provide you with their email address, set up and sort out all the sharing and entries for you, and even pick a winner. All that you have to do is make it look cool as F$Ā£% and get people over to see it.

There are plugins you can use if you have a WordPress website or blog, but most of the popular providers work straight out of the box, from their own platforms. You just need to add some enticing words and some sexy and welcoming images (or video, or both) of your product or service into the sections, and you’re all good to go.

Not too shabby eh?! šŸ™‚

Below are a list of a few popular viral prize draw service providers for you to feast your eyes on:

  1. Viralsweep
  2. Upviral
  3. Vyper
  4. Viral-Loops

Once you’ve chosen your email/viral service providers, the last step is to sort out your prizes.

Let’s say that Katie was lucky enough to win that bag of coffee in the competition she entered (congrats Kaaaatie :)), But where does that leave the other people that entered the prize draw who didn’t win?

You simply create a 2nd and 3rd prize for the runners up which is stuffed with perceived value.

Say whaaaa!? We can simply offer the following for the 2nd and 3rd placers for the competition:

  1. An eBook relating to the products you sell
  2. A discount code towards a product we have for sale

The main thing we are looking to get across here is that perceived value can be greatly effective and the cost in very inexpensive for us (the seller!).

The happier anymore excited we can help a customer to feel, the more chance that customer will stick around.

PLEASE NOTE:Ā Please don’t look at collecting emails from people purely to spam them on a daily basis. You will ruin your customer base and have them resent you. Not a good look for a company on the rise. Whilst email can bring you in loyal customers and a consistent flow of income, all of the processes must be done correctly. In a very ethically and strategically driven way.

“Realise that behind all of these precious emails are even more precious people. Learn to take care of them, treat them right, nurture them and carry them like you would a little baby Koala bear looking for safety, comfort and security whilst venturing out into the great outdoors..

On that note, keep the good hustle alive and we will all catch up over Katie’s brand new coffee very soon! šŸ˜‰

What email provider do you prefer, Mailchimp or AWeber? Comment your answer below! šŸ™‚

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