10 Bangin’ & Clangin’ Reasons Why Teachable Is The Best E-Course Platform

Just over one year ago, I began planning the content for my first ever online course (not using Teachable!).

In all honesty, the e-course platform I was using prior to switching over to Teachable wasn’t bad. It did the job, it just lacked that added ‘Pop!’.

As I began my search to find another platform to host my online courses, I soon came to a realisation that there was very few that provided such great energy, character and customer service. They just lacked the vibrancy and personality I was looking for.

The options seemed extremely limited during my initial search phase, until I came across this bubbly looking platform called Teachable.



After almost a year (yes, a blinking’ year!) of being on the other e-course platform, which was a seriously long time. I finally moved my booty over to Teachable. And boyyyy did things start to grow. Exposure. Sales. Income baby! ­čśë

A few things I was desperately looking for when searching for a new platform to host my courses on were:

  1. Vibrant, energetic and unique

This was a matter of personal opinion in all honesty. I am one of those people that just like the look and feel of cool and quirky looking things. You feel me? Teachable was just one of those platforms that ticked all of the right boxes when it came to helping me feel at home, get my creative juices flowing and to drive unlimited surges of motivation. I mean, look at their home page for sign ups. It just works!


2. Easy to use

My belief system towards this is simple – if your using a platform or anything else for that matter that frustrates you, complicates things, or just isn’t fun to use, then why use it? Teachable provides simple navigation tools which are super easy to use. They provide excellent customer service for any challenges you might be facing and their team is always on hand to make adjustments to anything you feel is needed in order to improve your experience as their valued customer each.and.every.time.

Superhero status say whaaaa!? ­čÖé

3. Automation

Does your current course platform offer automated email send outs for when a new person signs up? What about direct and immediate payouts? Are things REALLY running as you would wish they would? I was stuck in the same boat. Not to worry. Good things that times change eh!?


4. Scalability 

Every blogging enthusiast and business owner look for scalability potential when it comes to their business, in both income and the operational side of things. The issue I was facing with other online course platforms was how unscalable they seemed when it came to bringing in more students for my e-courses. I mean, what happens if you were to go from 10 students to over 100 in the space of a few short weeks? And then it grew into the thousands, what would happen then? My concern was if the platforms could handle that amount of enrolments overtime. Would the speed of loading content decrease? What other errors may occur? What other costs would be involved? Luckily, Teachable offers tremendous scalability potential with an uncapped limit of the amount of students you can have enrolled for your e-courses (with three pricing tier options to choose from.).

This is what we call a “Slam dunk!” in the online world! ­čÖé

5. Affordability 

“You pay for the price of help, quality & value that you receive.”

This is something I have no issue in getting my bank card out for when it comes to Teachable. Not only do they offer a free option for those in the development stages of their course, they also have a much lower priced option which is the “Basic” plan.

As you can see, the pricing of sign ups is very reasonable and was something that truly drawn my attention when looking at other platforms to host my courses (as some their prices were complete ridiculous for what you were actually getting.).

* You also have the option to pay annually or on a pay-per month subscription. The price becomes even more affordable when you opt to pay yearly for your Teachable account.


6. Protection 

How is your content currently protected? I have seen so many course creators lose their minds when they have not picked a platform that does not offer content protection. I remember when I created a test course (more of a simple guide) prior to moving over to Teachable, and it got leaked everywhere. Like all over the place. It was passed from person to person with no care in the world. Zero protection. Nothing. You want to use a system that protects your content from all of this annoyance and worry. Peace of mind. Every single time.

7. Affiliates 

On the build up to my first course launch, I leveraged no affiliates what so ever. Not only because I didn’t really know how it would all go down, but more because of the headaches that it would of taken to set the processes in place (with my previous course platform.). Teachable actually helps you to add, organise and pay out your affiliates for you. This means no hassle or headaches on your end trying to manage and payout affiliates. Teachable sort all of this out for you. What a W-I-N.


Oh, and if your sitting there thinking “I don’t need no affiliates. I’m a content crushing, course creating, value delivering machine!” then you have to take a look at the bigger picture my friend. Affiliates are like your very own sales squad. If your looking to increase course sales (and who isn’t!?), then having a platform that helps you to manage affiliates is crucial.

8. Student experience 

Wouldn’t it just be dreamy if all of your customers were 100% completely satisfied with all aspects of how your online course functioned and presented? Luckily enough for and all Teachable users, the dream is a full blown reality my friend.

Not only do your students feel in touch with the platform they are enrolled into, the usual feedback is that they are “Blown away!” by it. Which is never a bad batch of feedback to receive. Wouldn’t you say? ­čÖé

The class curriculum of how your courses lessons are presented is the ABSOLUTE BOMB! It’s a fresh, clean and modern structure that is easy to look at. Simple to navigate and totally freakin’ awesome to use. As you can see below from my very own “Brand Champ” e-course..


“When professionalism and character unite, the outcome is always bright”

I have literally had people message me on Facebook telling me how well my courses laid out on my website. Most of these people don’t even know that Teachable is an external hosting website.

The beauty of the Teachable platform is that it can work with any website or any blog.

9. No course restrictions 

That’s right, you read that correctly. NO.RESTRICTIONS.ON.COURSE! You can create, publishing, promote and sell as many courses as you wish, or how ever many you think you can handle that is. ­čśë

Now, you might be sitting there sipping coffee and nibbling on your delicious blueberry muffin thinking:

“Hold up. Chris just said there is no restrictions on how many courses you can have online with Teachable but he has only got three published on his Teachable school? What up with that!?”

The reason for this is simple; I like to maintain a very clean look when it comes to my online school. Three courses fit that criteria perfectly. The courses I sell also line up specifically with my expertise. Meaning, I only need three courses to be published on my blog.

For you or others, you might want to promote less. Or more. Or A LOT more. It is entirely up to you! ­čÖé

As you can see below, I have published more than a few courses in the past. For me, trial and error is key when finding the perfect course to promote year round, which is in great demand from your target audience.


The fact of the matter is that you, I and many other course creators will ALWAAAAYS have new ideas and fresh content that we will want to share with our audiences. For this reason, Teachable offers the perfect solution.


Again, you can have a few (or many) courses published for people to see but you could also have others in creation, or others as bonus courses for your main flagship course.

So, this leaves me with the last thing to share with you within this section..

And last but not least..

10. It’s a time & stress saver

The appeal was already very strong prior to knowing how easy Teachable was to use on the whole but after finding out how user friendly it reallyyyyy was then that was the icing on the cake for me!

I am by no means techy. Software skilled or anything in-between. No sir.┬áIt’s a miracle of I manage to turn my laptop on each day let alone create and publish courses..

But in all seriousness, anybody can use Teachable and enjoy the process of doing so.

When something takes the overwhelm and complications out, then you are left with space, time and A LOT less stress in order to go about and get the important things done. Like create and publish killa e-courses! ­čśë

Teachable offers a wide variety of efficient and effective benefits and features for your online courses that will help you gain exposure, drive sales and increase the numbers in your bank account. YIPPEEEEEE! ­čÖé

And there it is folks, you have made it to the end of the blog post. This is a good chance to give yourself a tap on the back!

Okay, so let’s recap:


  • It’s awesome? Solid point Chrissy J!
  • Super simple to use
  • Incredibly welcome features and benefits
  • Totally user friendly (no matter how tech-savy the person is)
  • Zero restrictions on course releases
  • Instant payouts (YAY!)
  • Affordable (worth every penny)
  • Customisation friendly
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Constantly being updated and improved

Overall, Teachable is at the top of the food chain when it comes to e-course platforms. If you are serious about investing in the best, the time is now.

If only I hadn’t of wasted a whole year being signed up to another online course platform.. *sigh*

Create your Teachable account here!


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