Monetize Your Blog: 7 Ways To Successfully Turn Your Blog From Poor To Profitable

Before you start talking about the hard fought struggles of being able to monetize your blog effectively, just scroll down and check out the banner I just whipped up canva.comΒ putting the story straight!

Monetize your blog

Okay, so you have been around the blogging block for a while, and have began to see blogging come more and more into the lime light over the last few years with significant focus on generating a more than respectable income online from doing so.

I feel you and hear what your saying. Trust me I do.

It takes time, effort and many developments of grey hairs in order to monetize your blog to the level that you want, theres no doubt it. You wake up early, you stay up late drinking endless amounts of coffee in aim of creating some sort of spark for blog to bring in some dollar signs.

Annnnnnd nothing but crickets (insert an annoying crickets video below..):


At the end of the day, I know you’re not expecting HUUUUGE results right away such as the status of overnight success many online marketers preach these days, but a little income starting out would be just dandy. Don’t you think? πŸ™‚

I am here as your friend, guider and possibly your saviour in the aim to monetize your blog, which doesn’t take months or even years to accomplish.

Just to bring you some social proof in regards to my blogs earnings, here is a snapshot of my e-course sales (and this is without doing anything strenuous, to say the least..):

Monetize your blog

As you can see from the above income reports from the sales my e-courses (I use Teachable to host my online courses), I have made a respectable amount of income over the last 6+ months from my blog, all of which was achieved on complete auto-pilot mode.

And yes, you can monetize your blog exactly the same as I have done. It just takes time, consistency, LOTS of coffees and endless amounts of epic content yo! πŸ˜‰

I have only been blogging seriously for just over a year and the income is steadily building up a very nice amount on a consistent monthly basis from simply selling my own created e-courses and doing some affiliate marketing here and there, which is perfect!


The 7 strategies that I am going to be sharing with you will shave off years from your original income plans to monetize your blog and will help you to see results in the next 30-60 days, sound good? You bet’cha! πŸ˜‰

I will be sharing the exact methods that have worked from so you can earn an income from your blog sooner than you thought. So, are you ready to kick this into 5th gear?! Great, let’s get started yo!

Just before we dive in, there are a few key ways on how you can earn money from your blog, the most effective being the following:

  1. Creating your own e-courses (educational content)
  2. Selling your own products (physical products)
  3. Promoting other peoples / brands products and services for a commission (affiliate marketing)

Now, I am going to go into depth and detail on how you can leverage these ways to transform your blog from boring and bland into a cash collecting online machine (YEE-HAAAAA!).


I usually would save the best way to monetize your blog until last but in this case, my excitement is at it’s all time high right now so it only feels right that I share the most effective (in my experience) with you first.

The reason for this being my most preferred method to earn an income as a blogger is because I feel I can have complete control over myself, my brand and my business. Not to say promoting other peoples services can’t be incredibly profitable, because it can. It’s just that I get to feel more connected to the content on my blog when it has come from myself in terms of creation.


A major upside of creating your own e-courses is that you can price them as you like, with no restrictions. Which can be an issue with commissions from promoting other peoples products (the juice SOMETIMES just ain’t worth the squeeze!).

If you were wondering “What e-courses does this handsome chap sell?”, you can view the “Education Station” below ;):

Monetize your blog

I launched (sloppy yet somehow successfully) my first e-course back in October of 2016 just a few short months after actually starting my blog, and while my followers and audience was very small at the time. I had no email list either. I just leveraged the likes of SEO from my blog, combined with a hint of marketing on Instagram and Facebook. Nothing special, nothing fancy and nothing outside of the box. Zero webinars, no Facebook lives or even Periscope sessions. Just a little typing here and there talking about the benefits of my soon to be releases online course.

How I managed to bring in over Β£10,000 in just a few short weeks during launch I will never know. It actually still baffles the dirty socks off me!

Since that launch back in 2016, I have focused more than ever on content creation for my blog and to rinse and repeat (with extreme help and value) the e-course launch process, which has been working on fantastically! πŸ™‚

The focus of my business is on e-courses, my own physical products and online consultancy for other online businesses, which I seriously can’t get enough of yo!

This style of biz has not just giving me the happiness and freedom that my life was in desperate need of, it has also helped me to bring in an income every month on complete autopilot mode (SEO, you rock!).

When you focus on creating the best and highest quality of content that you possibly can on a consistent basis, your bank account will certainly start to thank you for it. So get typing people! πŸ˜‰

If this is an option you are considering in your quest to earn an income from your blog, be prepared for some serious commitment when it comes to content creation. All things visuals. And of course, the launch of your e-course.

Personally, I lovvvvve it! πŸ™‚

But saying that, e-course creation is just one part of how you can earn an income from your blog, there are of course many other ways which we will go over below.

2. E-BOOKS (Kindle Direct Publishing)

If you didn’t already know, I am a massive fan of making money online through Amazon, and this method right here is another absolute goldmine.

Creating e-books online is a extremely effective way to monetize your blog, especially if you are an individual who loves to write, type and read! I have published a number of e-books on Kindle Direct Publishing (Amazon’s self publishing book platform), some being total failures and a few others being greatly successful (very profitable).

There are a number of ways you can go about making money with selling e-books, from writing the book and designing the cover yourself or you can outsource the entire process and pay for everything to be completed for you (this was always my preferred method!).

I won’t go into further detail on this here but if you would like to know more on this topic, you can head over to a previous blog on Kindle Direct Publishing I have written which will give you a complete breakdown of everything included.

E-books definitely can help you to bring in a nice side income for your blog, but it isn’t my first choice when it comes to bringing in substantial amounts of passive income. E-course creation is my gig, this is where the biggest results and greater income come from in my experience.


If you are one of those people who are truly obsessed with passive income, then this method might be the perfect choice for you in order to monetize your blog.

A membership site is pretty simple, your subscribers pay a monthly fee to read, watch and listen to your “Secret materials” (it’s usually cleaner than it sounds people ;)) that other “Non-members” would not get to see.

Usually, the site owner would update the membership site with new and exclusive content every few weeks for members, this way they always have new content to look forward to. The content is (should always be) multi-format more than not, meaning there is a mixture between audio, video and text to suit and please all forms of learning and communication structures for different people.

When it comes to pricing for your membership site, you can either have a set price such as; $29.99 per month, or you can have certain tiers to specify different levels of access, such as;

  1. Bronze – $4.99 p/m
  2. Silver – $14.99 p/m
  3. Gold – $29.99

The price should always relate to the content and quantity of that content being added into each tier per month. If you do not keep up with the content, your members will cancel their subscriptions and walk away. It’s as simple as that.

Ultimately, a membership site is a great way to bring in recurring revenue for your blog with minimal work involved (except for the few hours per month you spend creating the content.).


There has been a lot of hype around this topic over the last few years, and is one that I am more familiar with than any other (and have made the most money from than other other too!).

Monetize your blog with Amazon FBA

Over the last few years, I have focused my attention on a fascinating thing called “Private labelling with Amazon FBA.” This is where you can brand your own physical products from a supplier over seas (for cheap) and sell them on Amazon FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon) for a profit. It’s INCREDIBLY powerful and can be EXTREMELY profitable.

As you can see, my income over the last 2-years hasn’t been too shabby from selling my own branded physical products on Amazon FBA (gross revenue not NET profit FYI).

* NET profit margins are around the 35% (in my experience selling the products I do)

While this is all seems very cool to look at, the start up costs can certainly add up leaving you in a large potential loss before you have even started selling. The product research and selection phases of selling on Amazon can also be very time consuming and stressful, leaving you with a few grey hairs and sleepless nights than you would of wished for.

For those wondering how I turned over such big revenue in my first two years selling on Amazon FBA, I have a whole load of blogs on this subject (but for those who don’t, I just sold coffee and sports nutrition supplements on Amazon UK.).

Even though this business was a truly exciting venture, I soon became very frustrated of how long it was taking to launch and manage a product, as well as many other things.

This is of course not to put you off, just to make you a little more aware thats all. πŸ™‚


The title above also goes for other companies products, services and programs too. The potential to monetize your blog this way is mega, in both excitement and profitability.

Some bloggers prefer this method of earning money online due to the easy nature go not having to go out and create their own products, which of course is a much easier option to many people out there. You can earn more than an full time income by promoting other peoples products online, in a very passive income style manner. R-E-S-U-L-T! πŸ™‚

  1. Affiliate Marketing

In all honesty, I am only going to be talking about this and one other method to monetize your blog through promoting other peoples predicts because these are the ones I have had greater results and success with.

The benefits of affiliate marketing are as follows:

  • Requires minimal time and little work
  • Large commission potential on a recurring daily, weekly and monthly basis

One company I work with which is Jungle Scout (product research software for Amazon sellers) pays me a handsome amount of commissions on a very consistent weekly basis, and all it took is one small blog post I wrote over 12-months ago..

Monetize your blog

$ CHA-Chinnnnnng $ πŸ™‚

From any other forms of income online, I truly do believe that this has to be one of the easiest ways to earn an income from your blog in the shortest amount of time.

The beauty of affiliate marketing is that you can literally write one clanging & banging blog post (SEO strong) and have that blog making you money EVERY.SINGLE.MONTH on complete auto-pilot.

“WOW!” I know, pretty cool right?! πŸ™‚

I would advise creating a blog that is more than share worthy, that you have put your heart and soul into perfecting with relevant keywords to rank in Google and other search engines. If you can produce a blog that people love, the money will follow suit.

Focus on creating affiliate marketing blogs every few weeks in-between your own blog content, you never want to outshine your work by any other brands, regardless of the money it could potentially bring you in.

Affiliate marketing will soon become a large part of my newly launched e-course Brand ChampΒ very soon.


Now, this is another way to promote other peoples products to monetize your blog from BUTTTTT I personally don’t like it over anything else I have talked about above, not to say it doesn’t work and isn’t effective at the same time mind.

This is usually the starting route to earn money as a blogger, by simply putting ads on your blog.

Simple, yet effective but annoying and counterproductive towards your own personal goals at the same time.

Huh?! Bare with homie..

While you can earn money as a blogger using paid ads, it really isn’t helping you much at all except for putting some change in your pocket here and there.

What do I mean by this?

  • You are not growing your brand, you are building someone else’s

When you start to slap advertisements on your blog, you are ignoring your own hard work and guiding your blogs visitors towards the ads placed on your page, to only then click off your blog and to potentially never to return again.

Doesn’t sound too appealing now after I have said that does it!?

  • Profitability is low for the amount of visits to your blog

While placing ads on your blog may seem like an appealing route to take starting off, it really does not make sense to even begin so if your page views aren’t above the 500,000 per month mark (which is A LOT!).

Yeah, you read that right, 500,000 monthly page views..

You will hear about these people ‘Making tons of money’ from placing advertisements on their blog, but you and I have to remember that these guys are clocking up some SERIOUSNESS page views on a monthly basis, which is the main reason why they can back that statement up for themselves.

Personally, I am not a fan of ads even though I have made some money off them before. I much prefer to create my own content and earn money from blogging that way instead, plus it’s something you can really put your name to and be proud of.

It’s about time for the last method of to monetize your blog from (*cry face*), who’s ready for No.7? πŸ™‚


When I started to earn money from blogging, this was the very first thing I got my teeth stuck into as I had many emails come in from people asking if I could coach them on the selling on Amazon FBA business model back in 2016.


I quickly started bringing in a solid sum of money from online consultancy, which only took a few hours to per day earn (charging Β£49 per hour initially before raising my prices army experience raised.). It became the perfect foundation for layering out content for my courses, as I really started to pay attention to what my clients were saying, wanting and needing. I then simply went off and create a one stop solution e-course for Amazon sellers, called The Amazon Superstar.

Currently, I have a whole set up for my online consultancy services which are offered in tiers of 30 and 60-minute calls, which you can see the entire set up to riiiiiiight here! πŸ™‚

While there is still consistent demand for online calls with myself, it really does take up a lot of your time, focus and energy. There is a lot of management that goes into this and can often be very stressful, these are just some points to take into consideration before deciding whether to set this up as part of your blogs services being offered or not.

One thing about this home based service business is you only get paid for the hours you put in. 30 hours in the week, that’s 15 x 30-minute calls, which you have to actively be there and working for, which moves away from my ultimate goal of bringing in true passive income, es opposed to actively going out there in order to earn it.

The ultimate goal for me is to reduce all active hours being worked and focus purely on the passive income side of things from promoting and selling my e-courses. While some people love having clients (me included), you will often find yourself wanting to stray away from this side of things when your looking to monetize your blog.

And there is folks, the end of a blog the length of an entire book. LOL.

but in all seriousness, I hope the above information and details have given you a insightful and eye-opening view on ways to monetize your blog. Clearly, you can see which method I prefer the most (e-courses), as they are the the cheapest option to get rolling for being the most personal towards your blogs vision.

Oh look, another payout from Teachable from the sales of my e-courses – YIPPEEEEEEE! πŸ™‚

Monetize your blog

Remember to have fun throughout the process, learn lots and create blogs worthy of global exposure baby! πŸ˜‰

What method of blog monetization have you had the best results with in terms of income? Comment your answer below!

“The more you learn, the more you earn.”

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